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• Texas Gal with a Free Spirit • Beat the Odds – still Married to High School Sweetie
• Went to High School in California in the 60’s and that explains a lot
• 1st Career in Education so Value Children and Their / Our Future
• Feel Life is A Journey and We have the Road Map
• Choose to be around Positive, Energetic and Purposeful Individuals

Debbie’s Album

• Lived all over the Southwest and enrolled in so many schools I quit counting.
• Every Teacher wrote on my Report Card “She Talks Too Much”
• Statistically, I should Not have been Successful
• Wanderlust in my veins so a Passport & Suitcase are my favorite accessories
• Never Meet a Stranger and each One has a Story to Share
• Married Young, Children came Early and five Granddaughters later – still Happy & Blessed
• Started Career Driving a Yellow School Bus and Retired a Principal
• Children and Children by Marriage Make Me Proud every day!
• Honored to have worked with Talented Teachers who Made a Difference
• Grateful to witness former Students become Healthy, Happy and Thriving Citizens
• Too Young to be Retired from 1st Career & a Grandma to 5 – I still feel like a 25 Year old
• Voracious Reader and Intellectual Artist-Translates into Life Long Learner
• Utilize Skills & Abilities to Network & Create an Expertise in LinkedIn & Online Presence
• View each Day as an Opportunity to Learn, Grow and Strengthen My Abilities
• Life is about Passion and Purpose
• Responsibility is a Requirement as is Leaving a Legacy


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