What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

April 12, 2013

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This all too famous line is seen in countless commercials and it conjures up vivid images of what might have taken place in this desert fantasy land.

One thing is for sure, to be a successful business in Vegas you must DAZZLE! The Bellagio Hotel known for its impressive water feature, unique conservatory and gardens is an ideal example of when it is appropriate to TAKE and USE what HAPPENS in VEGAS as a Guide to SUCCESS!

The Bellagio understands their client is discerning. The expectations of a Bellagio guest is by no means a “one size fits all” and each decision is made with this discerning client in mind.
THOUGHT – Completely KNOW Your Client. Their Wants – Desires -Needs – Expectations – Demographics – Psychographics – A Total IMAGE.

The Bellagio has a much deserved luxury reputation as a result of a clearly defined BLUEPRINT. The template of this Megastar distinctly outlines EVERY aspect of Business; Training – Hiring – Procedures – Policies – etc.
THOUGHT – A BUSINESS MODEL covers all the “particulars” of any business all guided by YOU for the sole purpose of continued prosperity.

The Bellagio’s Exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE is renowned and clients come with expectations of ONLY THE BEST! They assume unparalleled elegance and sophistication.
THOUGHT – Flourishing businesses have exceptional characteristics causing them to stand apart from others. It can be Skills – Results – Process – Communication – Venue – Relationships. In today’s hectic world RELATIONSHIPS can be the defining factor.

The Bellagio is synonymous with LUXURY and is quickly identified by a water feature dancing to music and the ONLY North American resort to house 2 Five Diamond restaurants. People KNOW the Bellagio!
THOUGHT – There are many hotels to choose from in Las Vegas. Just as there are many who offer the same Service or Product. Therefore, it is essential a business have a clear & consistent image – message.

The Bellagio works diligently to provide an exceptional experience and that begins with first impressions & encounters. Attention to details.
THOUGHT – Nothing is more powerful than first impressions. Appearance – Smiles – Attitude – Confidence and the desire to deliver supreme quality.

Take what “HAPPENS in VEGAS” and convert it to Professional Growth – Development – Expansion.
Glitter – Glitz – Sparkle and DAZZLE the Client!

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